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Sales & Marketing Department
Being diversified into 32 industrial product categories to serve over 1000 customers in the private and government sectors requires complete knowledge- sharing-base-system and professional team highly empowered with experience and tools of success to manage information.

The teams academic background in engineering, sales and marketing contribute to the implementation of the in-house six dimensions knowledge management package which represent: sales & profit, project, customer, marketing intelligence, learning and growth and continuous development.

To make Profit Center tasks successfully possible, we have a team of professionals providing necessary support towards Marketing & Services. This team is dedicated to meeting customer & profit centers expectations in the areas of R&D, Project Management, Communications, Branding, Promotions, PR and Technical Support by providing industry benchmarked services. Today Marketing & Services at Bukamal is serving six flagship business activities. Learn more on profit centers by browsing our Business Divisions.

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