Chairmanís Message

"Challenge" a word repeated by scholars, businessmen and people around the world time and again.

We are continuously challenged by the long-term nature of achieving positive changes in our life, our relations and our business. Our true beliefs, commitments and vigilance received the required motivation to keep us going via these challenges. They shaped, drove and renewed our promise to achieve the vision of our organization in all its fullness for our customers, partners and shareholders.

During the recent economic turbulence Bukamal stood up firm, which clearly reflected the effectiveness of its team and the

robustness of its business model. Having proved our resilience in this situation, we are well prepared to confront the new challenges of the post-crisis economy and maintain our growth.

We at Bukamal have made significant progress in many areas and have been afloat by the success achieved. We acknowledge and accept that the battle continues, many lessons and challenges still lie ahead.

Our major assets, i.e. our team, customers, partners, the technology we use; beside our Culture and Values, always allow us to emerge stronger.

From our experience we have pondered over our mode of operations, where considering our expansion plans we found it essential to rethink our operational procedures and map out our strategy for the future. Our primary goal is to achieve a sustainable growth on a strong foundation.

We are now set to direct our attention & energies outward to our customers and partners where we are leading the market in most of our business scope, build and enhance our customer base and loyalty which we are proud of and our commitment towards all, source new opportunities, deploy innovative business strategies, adopt innovative sales techniques to nature our reputation and work closely with our partners.

As we move forward, we will strive to continue on our journey in maintaining and further enhancing the goodwill of our Company on the domestic as well as international front. Our aim is to associate with products and services of quality, trust, credence, value and above all professional to our stakeholders.

With God Blessings we have resources to continue the momentum. Times are tough but we have proved to be tougher.

Chairman's Message

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