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The History of Bukamal reads like a modern history of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where it is based.

As the country developed from its dependency on the age-old fishing and pearl-diving industries to its present position as a modern, rapidly developing country, so too have the companies operating in it.
The Bukamals have firm roots planted in the Gulf as one of its pioneering merchant families, with a rich history stretching back generations.

The seeds of its modern business were planted in the early 20th century, when the late Ebrahim Yousif Bukamal became a leading supplier of comprehensive ship-building materials to dhow-builders. Bahrain being an archipelago naturally made dhow-building one of the country's most lucrative crafts, which Mr. Bukamal exploited in full through an outlet on the Muharraq coast.

The company flourished for decades as the country's then-budding oil and natural gas industry brought more wealth to the country. But technological advances brought a steady decline to the dhow-building industry as stronger steel vessels came to dominate Gulf waters.

After Mr. Bukamal's sad demise in 1975, the company was forced to rethink its strategy and re-emerged two years later as a hand-tool and hardware retailer in Muharraq, led by Mr. Bukamal's son Hasan and then by grandson Khalid. In 1981 Khalid’s younger brother Jehad came onboard to take the company in a new direction, relocating the company to Bahrain's capital Manama.
In 1990 the family business was turned into a limited liability company, giving Jehad, the leeway needed to realize Bukamal's full potential.

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