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Supply Chain Management
During the last three decades, supply chain management at Bukamal has been both an important and a productive aim. By working to coordinate the procurement, shipment, and delivery of the goods required to meet our business needs, we paid utmost attention to evolve this phenomena as synchronized supply chain. With this, Bukamal work with its vendors in order to coordinate their processes and to achieve simultaneous procurement utilizing advanced tools such as Internet and other types of technology to run processes smoother and efficiently.

Supply Chain Management at Bukamal consist of three major back office activities exercising ISO 9001:2008 and the Balanced Scored Card as Tools to manage its performance.

International Procurement:
Managing the business of 150 stock suppliers and large database of international contacts is possible today with the use of the latest Supply Chain ERP that has enabled us to provide in time stocks and solutions.

Warehousing & Logistics:
In services & supporting industry, warehousing and logistics is the line activity responsible for quality, warehousing and delivery control. Implementing these activities is significant since it affects directly our customers. Managing over 5500 items and ensuring economic lives, stock turnaround and slotting are all salient features of our W&L Service.

Finance & Administration:
The financial achievement, which been awarded by D&B “A” grade rating with “No payments complaints” and “Low risk” company was the result of best use of the financial resources within the business and keen eye in monitoring our financial ratios with assistance of internationally accredited auditing firm and professional financial control system, where most of our supporting services is outsourced to external professional firms to guarantee a level of quality with the least follow-up to allow more concentration in our core competence activities.

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