Sales & Marketing
Hi-Tech presentation tools are utilised for Sales & Marketing of Industrial, Safety and Security Solutions are provided by highly professional and well qualified team.

Strategic Business Divisions
Bukamal has various specialized divisions such like; Builder’s Hardware, Electrical Hardware, DoorCare, Project Services, Electrical Solutions and Lighting, Health Safety & Environment and Security & Communication which are supported by the Marketing & Services Team to meet channel and special projects requirements.

Exclusive Agencies
Bukamal represents over 50 International Bench Marked Brands, on an exclusive basis.

Over 32 industrial categories and 5500 different products are stocked and distributed as solutions all over Bahrain.

Human Resources
In Bukamal the employees are considered as the most valuable assets and this attitude has resulted in acquiring sincere, dedicated and hardworking team members.

Corporate Culture & Work Enviroment
Success been obtained owing to the Rich Company Culture established by the Management and positive work environment enjoyed by the employees.

Supply Chain Management
Quality products and customer requirements are obtained through excellent contact with international market, where Bukamal has numerous contacts and more than 150 regular suppliers.

Research & Development
Dedicated pool of professionals and resources been allocated to identify potential solutions and suppliers meeting customers expectations across the world to extend their services in Bahrain with Bukamal.

Market Intelligence
Latest Advanced Tools, Resources and Methodology been adopted to gauge market potential, size & shares advising Strategic Business Divisions latest market trends.

Project Management
From Design to Conception and Submittals to Deliveries’ all have been monitored using advanced project management software’s and tools meeting customer expectations.

Customer Relationship
Bukamal has a wide client base comprising of over 1000 active Industrial and Professional clients.

Corporate Governance
In Bukamal we strongly believe in moving not only along with, but also ahead of time. Hence, the Advanced MIS and Latest Communication System form the core aspects of our operational procedures.

Corporate Image & Public Relations
Bukamal has a Strong Company Image in addition to excellent PR contacts established over the past 30 years.

Management Standard
Bukamal’s Quality Management System is in co-ordination with ISO 9001 : 2008 Standards.

To top it all, “A” grade financial accreditation been obtained from Dun & Bradstreet Int. which stated Bukamal as a “Good” and “Low Risk” firm.

Bukamal is one of its kind in the territory of Bahrain for qualifying and accredited for Trace Membership Award being a Transparent Company.

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